• Providing earthwork, demolition, underground utilities, roads, parking areas for commercial, residential and public entities
  • Earthwork services include Site Clearing, Excavation, Trenching, Sub Grade Prep, Soils Stabilization, Backfill,  Soil Compaction, Grading, and Consulting
  • Utilities infrastructure, including: Water mains up to 24 inches, Sewer lines up to 30inches,  Storm drains up to 84 inches,  Septic Systems,  Individual residential lines.
  • Diamond has 90+ pieces of equipment, facilitating large and small excavation jobs.

Project types

Earthwork, site development,overlot grading, wet utilities More
Precision excavation services backed by more than 30 years of project experience

Diamond Excavating, Inc. is one of Colorado's most trusted and successful excavating companies, specializing in earthwork, site development overlot grading, and wet utilities, with offices in Denver and Granby. For more than 30 years we have served customers in Colorado and the surrounding states. Dedicated to the safe and timely production of work, giving personal attention and quality service to the contractor and project owner, we handle any job size with our fleet, consisting of 90 pieces of equipment of various types and sizes.

Cost containment certified by the State of Colorado, specializing in on-time, responsive demolition, excavation, grading and site preparation for projects of all sizes. On-site project managers work closely with construction teams to assure cost efficient, high quality solutions to the unique circumstances of each job.
Public & Residential
Precision demolition, removal and clean up of existing structures, excavation and overlot grading for streets and infrastructure, underground utilities, foundations. Expert at meeting special situation requirements.
High-End Custom
Multi-level excavation, specialized foundation and footer support excavation, as well as underground utilities and demolition of pre-built site locations with site preservation a priority. In action at the Moorings at Hidden Lake.

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